ColorMusic Ukulele Beginner Bundle

Ukulele fretboard stickers + lesson eBook. Full color, removable instrument labels for concert and tenor ukes. Stickers and eBooks are designed for both RIGHT-handed and LEFT-handed players.


  • Once you complete your purchase, you'll have immediate access to the PDF downloads.
  • Your fretboard stickers will ship within three (3) business days.


  • QUALITY MATERIAL: Full-color print on vinyl with long-lasting adhesive that's also gentle and does not damage your fretboard.
  • SMART DESIGN: The labels aid learning by helping you see which notes to play in a song -- for better memory and faster results.
  • FRETBOARD READY: This pack contains 19 stickers for use with concert- and tenor-sized ukes. (Open strings plus 18 frets.)
  • EAST TO INSTALL: Comes with simple instructions to place them on your fretboard within minutes. (Watch this video to see how.)
  • EBOOK INCLUDED: Comes with a 97-page PDF lesson guide with 10 self-paced levels that help you truly master the ukulele. Designed for beginners of all ages. (Two downloadable versions: one right-handed, and one left-handed.)

Learning to play the ukulele should be fun. The only trouble is, it's not as simple as it sounds ... at least when you're flying blind. But now with these color stickers and groundbreaking method book, you can see exactly what you're doing to master the art of music fast!

ColorMusic takes the guesswork out of playing songs -- because you'll quickly learn which strings to press with your fingers AND you see how those finger positions relate to the notes shown in sheet music.

With these stickers and the eBook, you'll experience the satisfaction of making music yourself. You'll get 19 stickers to use with concert- and tenor-sized ukuleles, easy-to-follow instructions, and a complete PDF lesson guide with over 100 songs and exercises.

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